Carioca life style. To understand how “cariocas” enjoy their life in Rio, we invite you to spend a day like one.

Our Day tour in Rio is designed for travellers that have only a short time in the city and would still like to have an overview of the beauties of Rio.

The Old Downtown Rio has become a new bohemian part of town, attracting people from every neighborhood...

Among the natural beauties, food tasting is a rich side of an experience during a visit to Brazil.

Petropolis - Known as the Imperial City. The ride to the city offers gorgeous views from the mountain range of Rio State.

Lapa is an old century neighborhood and very bohemian part of Rio. Old buildings were replaced by restaurants and clubs...

Burle Marx Botanical Garden - A visit to a lovely Botanical garden designed by a landscape designer (Burle Marx).

This is a mix of walk and drive visiting buildings facades while we go over its history and pictures are taken.

The show that happens 4 times a week, approaches Brazilian rhythms from all over the Country.

The Carnival Experience tour program comes with the idea of presenting the universe of Rio de Janeiro samba schools, and much more.

Arts and Crafts tour in Rio de Janeiro. Brazilian cultural diversities are found in a large variety of arts produced throughout the country.

Besides the amazing land views, Rio offers fabulous and exclusive views from the water.

The beauties of Rio's nature can be strategically observed from the air. The Christ Redeemer, Sugar Loaf, Maracana Stadium, Copacabana and Ipanema beaches

Exploring Rio by bike can be an excellent way to have a close perspective of "Carioca's (locals) life style.

Rio de Janeiro is known by its gorgeous landscapes, beautiful and friendly people. There is a lot more that we would like to show you in the city...

The historic towns of Minas Gerais have a rich and incomparable artistic and architectural heritage, churches, museums, houses that preserve all the tradition and culture.

The city started out as a tiny fishing village on the Atlantic coast. Public curiosity increased in 1960 with the visit of French femme fatale actress Brigitte Bardot, who chose Buzios as a peaceful getaway.

In the so called "Golden Cycle", Paraty had the function of being the Commercial Warehouse and, due to its geographic location, it was the drain harbor for the gold production from Minas Gerais to Portugal.

SÃO PAULO was one of the regions where the Portuguese colonization bloomed earlier and more quickly. Financial, commercial and industrial capital of Brazil is today one of the largest metropolis in the world.

Internationally recognized as one of the 7 wonders of nature, the Iguassu Falls is a complex of 275 falls that extend for almost five kilometers of the Iguassu River.

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After joining both of our experiences in 2003 we decided to offer a personal tour guide service in Rio de Janeiro.

From the customer`s first contact we start building some options until we reach the ideal trip to them. This service is designed to meet each customer's interest whether is a student group, executive group, corporate trips, families or individual travelers.

Coming to South America represents a great challenge for many people. Through our service we have helped to demystify many of these fears by building a safe and most important; a joyful trip!

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